Residential flats

Residential flats

The moment you enter the building, the security door closes behind you, and you enter into a world of elegance, peace, and safety. The building entrance shall be protected by a security system, guaranteeing that no strangers get inside. The interesting composition of the individual floors shall create a private green inner atrium.You shall be able to park your car comfortably in the underground garage, and then use the lift to get directly to your flat. Your own cellar shall provide adequate storage space. The main entrance into the building shall lead from the calm Hlaváčkova street.

Morning coffee on the terrace, on the enclosed balcony or in one of the local coffee bars and pubs. An active relaxation in the park, a get-together with your friends, and a rich night life. All of that without the need to travel anywhere. And if you've had enough of the city rush, in a wave of a magic wand, you enter the peaceful and safe harbour, your new flat represents.

Flats and apartments of the Rezidence Prachnerova

Technical scheme of the stories, garages and cellars

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