Rezidence Prachnerova A healthy living in the centre of a metropolis with nature within reach

It is possible to breathe clean air and live in a healthy way even in the centre of Prague. These are the main features of this new ambitious project emerging in the attractive, dynamically developing locality of Smíchov-Košíře, in one of the last gap sites on the Vrchlického street. A unique air recuperation system with second generation filters shall be installed in the building. This shall ensure exceptionally clean air. Everyone shall have a separate enclosed balcony which could be used for instance as a small garden. The main feature of the future built-up area is its distinct architecture and the interesting and fine-tuned disposition of the individual flats enabling each client to find a living perfectly suiting their lifestyle. The building respects the current built-up area and the landscape of the locality, but at he same time, it fulfils the requirements for a contemporary modern living.

A healthy living in the centre of Prague? Is that possible? YES.

IP IZOLACE POLNÁ, s.r.o. has been researching the quality of air inside buildings since 2013, and the experience gained are being put into practice. The Prachnerova residence project is using the knowledge obtained from the previous project of Vítkovka residence.

What is healthy about that? THE AIR.

The city centres are the places where we breathe the highest levels of contamination. And these differ with the location. The five step filtration has been fine tuned to take into account the level of air pollution in the particular locality. It filters the contamination so that people may breathe air which may, in terms of cleanness, be compared to the top of the Swiss Alps.

Is it just a trick? NO.

Filtration of this type is a standard for instance in operating rooms and laboratories. It is surprising that residential buildings, where we spend most of our lives, don’t use it. Not only the gaseous pollution is removed from the intake air, but above all, the extremely fine solid particles.

Why is recuperation not installed into each residential building?

The designers and the builders lack appropriate experience making it difficult to design a proper recuperation filtering. For this reason, foreign sources have been used and experience of doctors and experts in the technology of filtration ventilating. In the first project, the Vítkovka residence, 3 mil. CZK was invested into the recuperation filtering. There aren’t many developers willing to invest beyond what is necessary thus lowering their profits.

Air truly comparable to the sea or the mountains.

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About the project

The building respects the current built-up area and the landscape of the locality, but at the same time, it fulfils the requirements for a contemporary modern living.



A unique residential building shall soon emerge in the attractive, dynamically developing locality of Košíře, in one of the last gap sites on the Vrchlického street.


Flats and facilities

In the residential building, there shall be 118 flats and studio flats in the categories of 1-4 bedrooms. In the bottom part of the building, attractive commercial facilities shall be created.


A modern residential building with the highest standard of construction quality

118 Flats
2400 Meters of commercial facilities
106 Garage parking spaces
118 Enclosed balconies

All you need to be content with your life

Excellent transport accessibility

Due to many bus and tram stations Plzenska street plays a very important role in the meaning of excellent transport accessibility towards metro station B – Andel and Smichovske nadrazi as well as metro station A – Motol. Easy access to strategic city exit to Plzen, Karlovy Vary, Brno is a plus for car travellers a well as to Prague city circuit or Ruzyne Airport.

  • Klamovka station – 1 min
  • Kavalírka station – 1 min
  • Bus lines č. 167, 176, 191, 565
  • Tram lines č. 4, 9, 10, 16, 58, 59
  • Metro B (Anděl) – 12 min. walk, 4 min MHD
  • Metro B (Smíchovské nádraží) – 12 min
  • Metro B (Jinonice) – 10 min
  • Metro A (Motol) – 10 min
  • Wenceslas square – 22 min
  • Václav Havel airport – 20 min

Shopping centers, local shops and services

There are countless traditional local shops and everyday services. You can also reach shopping centers at Smichov or at Zlicin using Public Transportation or car, all within just a few minutes ride.

  • Shopping center Nový Smíchov
  • Shopping center Zličín
  • Shopping center Metropole Zličín
  • Shopping center Galerie Butovice
  • Shopping center Makro Praha (Jeremiášova street)

Sport and Culture

You can find a plentiful of sport facilities providing perfect sport experiences around Residence Prachnerova. For those interested in cultural vulture there are many cinemas, cultural and social activities too.

  • Golf Club Praha
  • Nikolajka Winter Stadium
  • Swimming Pool at Radlice
  • Klamovka Club
  • Futurum Club

Schools and kindergartens

There are easy to access educational amenities as several kindergartens, elementary and high schools around.

  • J. Škvoreckého gymnasium
  • Nad Kavalírkou gymnasium

State of the art Hospitals

Two state of the art hospitals, Motol and Na Homolce are in close vinicity to Residence Prachnerova; both are also very popular among foreign patients due to excellent language proficiency of its staff.

  • Motol Hospital
  • Na Homolce Hospital
  • Pharmacy at Musílkova ulice

Parks and places of interest

  • Motol-Košíře natural park – 200 m
  • Hus gardens – 250 m
  • Klamovka park – 500 m
  • Pod Kavalírkou park – 750 m
  • Ladronka park – 1,5 km
  • Smíchov beach (Upper waterfront)
  • Bertramka homestead (museum of W. A. Mozart) – 1 km
  • Natural monument Vidoule – 2 km
  • Natural monument Skalka – 2 km
  • Kinský garden – 2 km
  • Game preserve Hvězda – 4 km
A generous entrance

A generous entrance

A generous entrance into the commercial facilities is situated in the direction from Hlaváčkova street, only a minute from the stop of tram lines heading directly towards the Subway B station Anděl.

A live enclosed balcony for each flat

A live enclosed balcony for each flat

Each flat shall have a live enclosed balcony with the possibility of setting up a garden. The interesting flat disposition enables the clients to find a living which suits their particular lifestyles completely.

New building each time

New building each time

The distinctive features of the building are the movable panels on the enclosed balconies regulating the intensity of sunshine exposure. The optical integrity with the facade creates a never definitive complex. With this, the building always changes and is full of life.

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A word from the investor

History of the IP Polná company dates back to the year 1995. We are a genuine Czech company...

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