Introduction of the locality

Introduction of the locality

The Rezidence Prachnerova is located in the area of Prague 5 at the boundary of Smíchov and Košíře on the left bank of the Vltava river. It is situated among several large parks, natural park Košíře-Motol in the South, Hus gardens in the East, and Klamovka in the North. Another popular park - Landronka is only a five-minute drive away. A couple minutes further is forest park Game preserve Hvězda. In the adjacent Motol, you can find one of the oldest golf courses in Europe - Golf Club Praha with eighteen holes. Quite quickly, you can also reach T.J. Sokol Košíře, swimming pool in Radlice or the ice arena Nikolajka.

The transformation of Smíchov from the recent years have dramatically influenced also the adjacent areas. Košíře and the surrounding of the Vrchlického street with newly created infrastructure have become sought-after localities for living, business, and free time. The adjacent city parks and sports facilities inspire not only sportsmen, but also mothers with small children, and if you’ve got a dog friend, you’ll see the locality changing dynamically every day.

Long term statistics show locality to be one of the most important criteria in selecting a new place to live. An ideal locality in Prague combines quality civic amenities with subway within reachable distance and greenery. Numerous people have found out that day to day commuting and traffic jams in the metropolis can be tiring. The same goes for problems with parking.

Whether you select your new flat for your own occupation, or as an investment, the Rezidence Prachnerova fulfils all parameters of a quality choice, enhanced by the proximity of the administrative zone in Anděl with almost fifteen thousand employees, a great demand for rental and ownership housing in the location, and subway within walking distance.


A place with rich history, where gardens and summer residences used to be, belonged among popular destinations for trips of Prague’s townsmen. Until the late 19th century, Košíře was a village surrounded by vineyards established during the reign of Charles IV. It started to develop into the present day form with industrial development in Smíchov. Due to the fact that Košíře was finished before the second world war, it escaped the high-rise block building construction of the later years.

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