A word from the investor

A word from the investor

History of the IP Polná company dates back to the year 1995. We are a genuine Czech company constituted by a team of experienced construction and energetics specialists as well as scientists who also actively contribute to the development of new technologies. Our credo and mission is and has always been providing a high standard of products and services, which, since the year 2012, have been enriched by developer activities dealing with new housing solutions in the centre of Prague.

The most significant characteristic of the present day is high demand for flat purchase. At the same time, there is a great pressure from the clients regarding the construction work quality, which significantly improves the environment cultivation within the residential construction. The last project we executed, the Vítkovka residence situated in Prague Žižkov, may serve as an example. Due to its quality and the technologies used, the project clearly demonstrated that it is possible to breathe clean air and live in close contact with the nature even in the centre of Prague. The project’s commercial success, selling 51% of the flats before launching the construction work, confirmed the increasing demand for modern technologies supporting healthy living. Economical, environment-friendly operation and the unique recuperation system, monitoring the air quality within the entire building, form an important part of our new project in the area of Smíchov-Košíře as well. While selecting the area, the key criteria were once again a superb connection to the city centre, a high standard of civic amenities, and the proximity of city parks.

While building new residential projects, we pay close attention to quality, precise execution and added value for the future owners. We shall be glad if your are interested in our new project, and we shall do everything within our powers for it to bring new joy into your lives. We are well aware that purchase of a piece of real estate presents a responsible decision. A vast majority of people only make such a decision once in a lifetime, and we are prepared to be your dependable partner at that moment.

Ing. Radim Vaněk
Executive director and co-owner IP Polná s.r.o. INVEST division

Since the establishing of the company, we have implemented more than 400 thousand m3 of blown mineral wool insulation and revitalised more than 500 blocks of flats all around the Czech Republic. Our energetics specialists have assisted dozens of cities, villages, and producers in preparing, financing, and implementing a variety of measures of saving on the costs of utilities. Based on our experience as well as our excellent business results, we decided to extend our portfolio adding our own housing construction work. In the year 2012, we established a new division – IP INVEST with the aim of providing the clients with new residential projects of European quality in attractive locations of Prague.

The company has got 100 employees and more than 19 000 clients.

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