Rezidence Prachnerova - a place for your business

Rezidence Prachnerova - a place for your business

We have designated two floors of our new residence for commercial facilities. The traditional first floor is designed with a great sense of purpose, and yet it is exclusive. A well arranged and generous entrance is situated in the direction from Plzeňská street, which means from a tram stop. The walking distance is one minute!!! The space is ready for several separate sections but it doest not rule out a larger investment meaning connecting into one complex. The entire circumference uses glass walls which may serve for presentation of goods or services. The underground parking floors provide enough reserved parking spaces ensuring comfort for potential clients.

Commercial facilities

The second floor is intended as an investment in its entirety, and it may be used variably depending on a client’s needs. The ground plan introduces it as a concept of modern company premises with open space elements which doesn’t lack more secluded zones. It also makes it possible to enter the inner green tract of the building for resting and relaxing.

Both floors are properly lightened. Great attention has been paid to the shading of the second floor, and a central cooling option is prepared. This space as well as the entire building shall completely satisfy even the most demanding clients and employers and, coupled with the multi step air recuperation in the flat units, shall provide an extraordinarily healthy and high-quality environment in the centre of Prague.

Technical schemes of the commercial facilities

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